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About the authors; Liliana Rodríguez Hernández

By Saúl Miranda Ramos

Liliana could contribute to a group experience, her capacity to share the daily effort she locates to everything she does in order to construct a better society. Daily effort is what distinguished Liliana. Since she was an undergraduate student, she has worked at the same time in an own little enterprise. The abilities she developed working and studying at the same time talks about the determination and courage to achieve goals. She is convinced that the most determination you put in a main the most satisfaction you obtain. This is part of her philosophy of life and she promotes this with the people she has around herself.
Each day Liliana improves in her skills for the service to others. Working in Teach for Mexico, Liliana performs like a teacher and, in the classroom, she loves to see the learning process of her students. In addition, she likes to see the learning process of her students as a product of her effort of reviewing texts, planning class, executing as well as possible. Obviously, her class is well planned, well executed, and gets good results in her students. Also her class is so energetic. If you could visit her class you would see a teacher with a strong voice and kind at the same time, furthermore, her students working hard toward the objectives they mark as a group. In addition, she is optimistic and aware of her limitations, so she is willing to improve her skills. For Liliana the academic success is not only the product of the class interaction. She meets with her students in afternoons in social open spaces. In those meetings she spends time with them and share experiences, stories, and tips about personal and educational life.  For Liliana, improving skills is the best, and you can see it in her open attitude to expand her mind, her relationships and her understandings.  

In the interaction with her colleagues she stands relationships of collaboration such as the teachers she works with, the principal of the High School, and other teachers. At the end, they have constructed a team sense. As an illustration, the convivence be fulfil of respect creating an atmosphere of kindness and the result is a better output in teachers and students.  

 In the effort she loves learning, she assures that the excellent relationship with the people she loves is the result of the continuous time she spends with them. As an example her family, and friends; Listen them because she believe she can learn from them. All in all, Liliana believes in persistence and collaboration as a key of social success.   

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