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About the Authors: Alejandra Rubio López

By Saúl Miranda Ramos

The Greatest strength of Alejandra Rubio López that would contribute to a positive experience in a group setting is her leadership. I know Alejandra in the context of Teach for Mexico since she is part of the group I advise, so we maintain a professional relationship. Here, she is highlighted by her optimism, great academic development, commitment with community as well as the ideas of producing social projects in favor of communities, her proactive personality, the sense of possibility and resilience.
Her Leadership is so strong. One of the tools she takes for her solid leadership is her brilliant career. She studied a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, also she did an International exchange to the University of Valparaíso, Chile in 2011. All these characteristics help Alejandra to inspire others to see new horizons since knowledge to wellbeing. In her History, Alejandra has developed many social and business projects; as an example, a Business focused to the Integral development of low income Children and Youth in Mexico. Nowadays, she is a teacher in High School “Fray Pedro de Gante” in Puebla State. Her responsibilities are attending low income, indigenous, and rural Youth, and she cares the emotional, academic, and social development of her students.
She is interested in Communitarian Projects. She is worried about low self-esteem of her students, the low motivation to study, the low level of reading they have, the religious conflicts between her students are every day in the middle of the school, and many other challenges she observes every day in her classroom. One of her alternatives is a communitarian project.
Miss. Rubio is proactive. The context where she currently acts presents high level of poorness, illiteracy of adults, unemployment, no opportunities to study at university, sexism, an extreme weather, and a difficult access to the town by a road with no pavement. All these characteristics provide us data about the effort Miss. Rubio offers to promote another expectative of life to the teenagers she works with.  Although the circumstances of the context, her resilience capacity is big and helps her to continue improving the academic, personal, communitarian, familiar, cultural, access to opportunities, and life of her students.

Given these points, I consider the leadership and social commitment of Alejandra Rubio López would contribute to a positive experience in a group.

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